Diosnon Nga Kaluoy


  • Monday to Friday 4:00PM to 5:00PM

CMN content varies depending on the station from which it is being broadcast. Stations broadcast news, sports, radio drama, and other programs. As a network, CMN's mission statement is to use community-based broadcasting to promote New Evangelizing and human development. Content is pro-life, catholic, and community oriented.

The CMN operates 49 radio stations across the Philippines- 49 AM stations, and 42 FM stations. CMN broadcasts reach 11 regions and 35 provinces. It is the largest broadcaster in the Philippines, in terms of total number of stations and transmitting power per station.


Rev. Fr. Alfonsito Arrojo


Rev. Fr. Rayman Asoy


Rev. Fr. Segundo Chua


Rev. Fr. Deogracias Aurelio Camon


Miguel Carreon


DYAF Featured Program/Anchor

Fred Sapa

Activists often portray Juan dela Cruz as a victim of American imperialism, especially since many editorial cartoons of the American period often depicted him alongside Uncle Sam. In modern times, he is shown independently as a venue for the common Filipino's commentary on governmental and social issues.

The term, sometimes shortened to "Juan", also refers to the collective Filipino psyche.