Bishop Buzon Installs Rev. Fr. Sumagaysay as DYAF Radio Veritas Global Bacolod Station Manager-Administrator

By Jun delos Reyes on Fri, 06/09/2017
Negros Daily Bulletin

“Serve love, serve the truth; it is a mission. The two pillars a mediaman will serve is the people and God.”

These were the words of Bishop Patricio A. Buzon of the Diocese of Bacolod at the installation of Rev. Fr. Jonas Sumagaysay as the new Station Manager-Administrator of DYAF Radio Veritas Global Bacolod. The ceremony was witnessed by theanchormen/women, field reporters, technical men, guests and Family Life Ministries during the Holy Mass held at the Bishop’s House Chapel yesterday.

Family Life Ministries Group with Bishop Patricio A. Buzon, Diocese of Bacolod and Rev. Fr. Jonas Sumagaysay, Station Manager-Administrator of DYAF Radio Veritas Global Bacolod.*(Jun de los Reyes/NDB photo)

Rev. Fr. Sumagaysay in his inspirational message said, “We are here to assist the Church and to proclaim the Gospel of Truth and Charity. Gugma kag Kamato-oran. A new evangelization to bring people to God and to breach the gap of life. I humbly accept the task with the help of God.”

Present were Bigboy Urbanoso, Production Manager of DYAF Radio Veritas Global Bacolod; Anchormen/Anchorwomen Rommel Pido, Jun Julita, Aquilino ‘Boy’ Ciocon, Chona Gosiaoco, Fred Sapa, Edmund Aspero, Rey Alejandrino, Donard Nojas, Jein Pabalinas, Mr. and Mrs. Jun Gaton, Rose Tan, Engr. Toppe De La Cruz and the technical men.*